Pennsylvania Bulletin

Would you like to check on your NPDES Permit application or another DEP Permit?

Click on this link, Pennsylvania Bulletin and follow the steps below

  1. Click on the volume that you need for the year (ex. Volume 44 - 2014)
  2. Click on the week you would like to look at (ex. Number 47 - November 22, 2014)
  3. Scroll down to Department of Environmental Protection, click the Applications, Actions and Special Notices link
  4. Scroll down to the section you would like to look at

Section I - NPDES Renewals 

Section II - NPDES New or Amendment

Section III - WQM Industrial, Sewage or Animal Waste; Discharge into Groundwater 

Section IV - NPDES MS4 Individual Permit 

Section V - NPDES MS4 Permit Waiver 

Section VI - NPDES Individual Permit Stormwater Construction

Section VII - NPDES NOI for Coverage under NPDES General Permits

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