Municipal Information

Do you need to get stormwater approval for your building permit?

Contact the Jefferson County Conservation District at 814-849-7563 with questions or for more information.

Do you need to apply for a building permit?

Contact Bureau Veritas at 814-849-2448 with questions or for more information.

Stormwater Management

All municipalities within Jefferson County are required to adopt the Jefferson County Stormwater Management Ordinance. The standards and criteria contained in the Ordinance apply to all municipalities. Adoption of these ordinances enables application of the Plan's provisions; review of drainage plans for all activities regulated by the Plan and the ordinance; enforcement of the municipal regulations.

For more information about this ordinance or assistance call JCCD at 814-849-7463.

Bureau Veritas

You can contact Bureau Veritas for questions on whether you may need a building permit for your project. Bureau Veritas is located at 245 Allegheny Blvd., Brookville, PA 15825. Their office can be reached at 814-849-2448.

You may need to contact your local township or municipality to check on additional permits that may be needed. 

Click here for a list of contact information for local municipalities.

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