Jefferson County Conservation District

The District keeps "Banquet" Bird Seed in stock year round at our office. The 35 lb bag is a mixture of
Sunflower, Red & White Millet, Safflower & Peanut Pieces.
Price is $21.00/bag.

The sale of this bird seed benefits our Environmental Education Program!
Our Mission:
To preserve natural resources and protect/promote the health, safety and general welfare of the people of Jefferson County and to provide technical services to improve resource management for the benefit of farmers and urban residents.
Calendar of Events
The Jefferson Conservtion District Board of Directors meet the first Thursday of each month at 7PM at the District Office.
Do you enjoy feeding birds?

JCCD has bird seed for sale!
Need to contact us?
Deborah Wilson, District Manager
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Megan Whitlatch, ACT/ Nutrient
              Management Specialist
Melissa Buck, Administrative Assistant/
              Environmental Ed. Coordinator
Shaun Wessell, District Technician
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The District Office is located on Route 28, 1/4 mile North of Exit 81 (Hazen)
of I-80.  Our office hours are 8AM - 4PM, Monday through Friday.
Need to contact us:  Our mailing address is: 1514 Route 28, Brookville, PA 15825
Phone - 814-849-7463    Fax - 814-849-0825
Welcome to the Jefferson County Conservation District
Gordon Snyder, Watershed Technician
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July 2014
   3 - Board of Director's Meeting, 7 PM
   4 - Independence Day
 13-19 - Jefferson County Fair, Brookville
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August 2014
   7 - Board of Director's Meeting, 7 PM
September 2014
   4 - Board of Director's Meeting, 7 PM
Agriculture Newsletter - Summer 2014
October 2014
   2 - Board of Director's Meeting, 7 PM
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